Principal Speaks…..

In February 1998, Reader’s Digest carried an inspirational story of Jean Dominique Bauby, Editor-in-Chief of Paris based Elle magazine. Dominique suffered a massive stoke on December 8, 1995 and slipped into a coma. When he regained consciousness, he was totally paralyzed, speechless. He was able to move only his left eyelid, but his mind remai ned active. Signaling with his eyelid, he dictated the book In The Blink Of An Eye. Within days of its publication , all the 25,000 copies of the first edition were sold out. He also let a French director make a film on his life s howing how communication was still possible in this state. He died on March 9, 1997, leaving behind a marvelous exa mple of heroic courage.

Life is God’s most precious gift to us, and we are told that what we make of life is our gift to God. Yet, too many young people today do what they please with life, or even attempt putting an end to life for the silliest of reasons. It is here that Jean Dominique shows us how we can make our lives beautiful gifts to God and to our fellow human beings, ev en in the midst of formidable handicaps and misfortunes. Let us make use of our beautiful life in a meaningful way an d pleasing to God.

Fr. Rajesh Vincent D’Souza.