Centenary Celebration (1885-1985)
Excerpts from the College Chronicle 1985-86

18th November

The Bishop of Lucknow Diocess, Rt. Rev. Dr, Alan de Lastic lights the Centenary Torch which will remain lit through the Centenary week and then hoists the College Flag in the presence of the entire college. It is right and proper to begin the Centenary Week with an Inter-Religious Prayer Service at 8:00 a, m. Boys of different faiths participate in this Service which beings with the hymn- ‘Sing a new song unto the Lord’, by the College Choir. This is followed by Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian prayers, Our Chief Guest is Rt. Rev. Alan de Lastic. The Inter-College Talent Contest in Hindi commences at 9.00am. The host College once again makes it a clean sweep with Mahanagar Boys’ Inter College coming a very close second.

In the Vocal Solo category, N. Verma of Mahanagar Boys’ is first while P. Siddiqui and R. Gupta of S. F. C. are second and third respectively. S. F. C. wins the Vocal Group followed by Mahanagar Boys’ and St. Paul’s School. The instrumental solo prize winners are all players, of the Tabla. V. V. Ratna and S. Banerjee both of S. F. C. are first and second respectively; while A. Prakash of Christ Church College is third. The Chief Guest is the Secretary for Cultural Affairs and Tourism. Mr. Surendra Mohan, I. A. S. The judges are Mr. G. Bharti and Mr. I. H. Khan from the Sangeet Natak Academy and Mr. S. K. Misra from the Bhatkande College of Hindustani Music. Inter-College Talent Contest (English) commences at 5.00 p, m. The results:-

1st Prize : J Rodricks-La Martiniere
2nd Prize : A. Dikshit-St. Francis’
3rd Prize: R. Nair-St. Francis’ College

1st Prize : Loreto Convent represented by M. Kapoor, S. Mathur M. Singh, T. Misbra, A Rodricks and C. Chaing.
2nd Prize : La Martiniere Girls’ College represented by S. Shah, B. Sharma, S. Perry, T. Fernandes. E. Ali, Z. Naqvi, N. Ambay and N. Mahajan.
3rd Prize : St. Francis’College represented by R. Nair, A. Dikshit, R. Banerjee, S. Anwar S. Acharya.

1st Prize : A. Shukla-St. Francis’ College
2nd Prize : D. Edwin-La Martiniere Girls’ College.
3rd Prize : A. Bhattacharya-St. Francis’ College.
The Team Prize goes to La Martis-iiere Girls* College while Loreto Convent is the Runner-up.

19th November

The Centenary Exhibition was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Romano.0. F. M. Cap, a former Principal of St. Francis’ College. He takes keen interest in each stall and spends quite some time going around. The Exhibition held in the College Gymnasium depicts all facets of India from village life to space technology.

The teachers and boys put in everything to make this exhibition something worth talking about. The exhibition is held for three days.The Centenary Concert is held at 5.00 p. m. It comprises of a three-act play. “What happened to Jones” an opera. ‘In Old Mexico’ and a tableau, ‘Let my people go’. The play deals with the shambles to which a house hold is reduced with the advent of a fast-thinking salesman. Jones in trouble with the law. The actor playing Jones unfortunately loses his voice. The dubbing is done so successfully by A. Agarwal that it is only at the end of the concert when this is revealed, that many of the audience get wise to the fact. The opera, consisting of a Plate, a Grecian, a Mexican and a Carnation dance, all of which leaves the audience spell-bound, is about the discovery of a golden carnation that leads to a treasure. The tableau is about the ten plagues that God sent to Egypt.

20th November

The Inter-College Quiz Contest commences at 8.00 a. m, St. Francis’ College, represented by A. Joshi and A. Sengupta wins the contest. Followed by St. Paul’s School, represented by P. Jain and P. Agarwal, La Martiniere Girls’ College with A. Purland A. Mohan comes third.The Chief Guest is Dr. K. C. Mathur, Reader. English- Department, Lucknow University and an Ex-Franciscan, He delivers a witty speech. The Quiz Master is Mr. B. Joseph ofthe host college. Inter-College English Debate. The topic is ‘It is high time India made a Nuclear Bomb’. The various viewpoints of the participants and lively competition give the audience their time’s worth and more; the first prize goes to Loreto Convent while St- Paul’s School is second. N. Bansal of Loreto Convent is adjudged the best speaker. S. Gurbuxani of S. F, C. is Second. The third place has a tie between S. Jha of St. Paul’s and R. Nairof S. F. C. The Chief Guest, Mrs. A. D’Souza gives a vivid and moving picture of St. Francis* College in her days. The judges are Dr. (Mrs.) A. Garg, Mrs. M. Malhotra and Dr. P. C. David, all Lecturers in the English Department of Lucknow University.The evening’s concert has Mr. Sunil Shastri, Minister for Energy, Government of U. P., and son of Late Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, as the Chief Guest.

21st November

Inter-College Painting Contest. The Chief Guest is Mr. S. Dhaon, Justice, Allahabad High Court. He was a student of St. Francis’ College from 1940 to 1950. St. Francis’ wins the Class Ten Team Prize. St. Mary’s School is the Runner-up. In group one for Classes 9 and 10, N.Gathoratha of St. Mary’s comes first, M. Agwekar also of St. Mary’s is second whileV. Gupa of St. Francis’ is third.In group two for Classes 11 and 12, S. Gurbuxani of St. Francis’ comes first 0. Nair of L. M. G. C. is second and I. Choudhary of Christ Church College is third.In group three, (Classes 9 to 12), P. Mittal of St. Francis’ is first. R. Mehrotra of Loreto Convent is second and A. Vardhan of S. F. C. is third. The highly qualified judges for this contest are Mr. A. M. Lobo, Chief Architect, U. P. Government, Dr. A. C. Das, Ex-M. L. C. (Arts-Science) Medical College and Prof. N. Mahapatra of the Department of Fine Arts, Lucknow University.At the evening’s Concert, Rt. Rev. Dr. Ignatius Menezes, Bishop of Ajmer-Jaipur is the Chief Guest.

22nd November

Inter-College Hindi Debate. The topic is ‘Philosophers arc impractical fools’. The Chief Guest is Dr. G. S. Misra, Ex-Pro Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University and an Ex-Franciscan-The judges are Dr. U. John, Dr. S. P. Dixit and Dr. L. S. Nishank, St Mary School takes the Team Prize with La Martiniere Girls’ College bagging the Runners-up prize. S. Sharma of St. Mary’s is first. A, Joshi of S. F. C. is second and A.Puri of L. M. G. C is third.At 3.00 p. m. we have the Annual Inter-House and the Inter-School Athletic Meets. The Chief Guest is Rt. Rev. Dr.Ignatius Menezes, Bishop of Ajmer Jaipur. This function commences impressively with a torch which is lit from the one front of St. Francis’ Statue. The College Captain then carries the torch to the back field where the House Captains and Vice-Captains take turns in carrying it round the field. It is finally carried by the College Captain, A. Nair and the Captain of the winning House, R. Sethi to the top of the building, where another torch burns for both sports days.The Cock House Shield is won by St George’s House. The highlight of the day is the sterling performance of St. Andrews’ Athletes. The later-School Athletic Shield is won by St. Francis’College, followed by St. Mary’s School. S. Bansal of St. Francis’ College is undoubtedly outstanding.At 7.00 p.m. ‘Old Franciscans’ Get Together, It is an evening of memories and nostalgia.

23rd November

The last day of the Centenary Week starts with a ‘Thanks giving Service’ at 800 a.m., with the Pro Nuncio, the Pope’s Ambassador to India, as the Chief Guest, namely His Excellency, the Rev. Agostino Cacciavillan. The Inter-College Athletic: Meet commences at. 3.30 p. m. The Chief Guest is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Vir Bahadur Singh. The Inter-College Athletic Shied is won by St. Francis’ College, closely followed by Mahanagar Boy’s College, A torch-light tattoo by Classes 7 and 8 steals the show. Both Sport Days end with captivating fire works shows provided by the Old Franciscans Association. The hectic week comes to a close with the V, 1. P. Dinner. It is a grand affair with elite of the town present.

Centenary Celebrations