College Captain’s Message
College Captain’s Message 2018-2019

“No person was ever honored for what he retained. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”
- Calvin Coolidge

It has been almost fourteen years since I stepped into this wondrous institution, completely unaware of it’s rich past and it’s glorious legacy. Over the years, as I saw began to progress through the classes, I realized that there is more to these red and white walls than just brick and paint. The words “St. Francis’ College” mean more than just sixteen letters etched over the face of the buildings comprising the institution. They portray determination, quality, perseverance and obviously, dignity and honor. The institution, which completes its 133rd year this academic session, has a history of producing well groomed and well nurtured gentlemen, who excel in every field of life. With quality education services and a determined and diligent management, St. Francis’ College can easily be stated as one of the most prestigious colleges in Lucknow.
The most important message which I, as the college captain for the academic session 2018-2019, would like to convey is that of unperturbed diligence and unrestrained determination. I have full faith in all my Franciscan brothers and I would proudly like to state that we have some of the brightest minds of the city with us. There is also a lot of potential in our students to excel in other events besides academics and with a little polishing of their skills, our goal can be achieved. Our students have proved their mettle earlier and they will continue to do so with added motivation and rigour in the years to come. After all that I have said, my fellow Franciscans, I directly speak to you. Be people with high ideals and unbreakable words in your life; be proud of who you are – bold, intelligent Franciscans. Respect your parents, respect your teachers and over all, make your college proud of you.

"Do not be like dumb driven cattle, be a hero in the strife."

- Aditya Vikram Nandi
College Captain

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