Franciscan School of Leadership
Description: A group of Ex-Franciscans’ got together to make a humble beginning at their own School rather than engage in larger debate. The launch of the voluntarily funded Franciscans’ School of Leadership was formally announced by the Principal on 26 Jan 15. ‘We already have a coveted heritage, one has to replenish and sustain it. We have committed ourselves to building a treasure of ‘Leadership Capital’ by Sowing Talent in younger Franciscans’ said Mr. Bimal Chadha, School Captain 1962-63 who is currently the President of the School of Leadership. Air Marshal (Rtd) Denzil Keelor is the Chairman and Mr. Rajan Johri, the Chief Executive Officer of the School of Leadership. ‘Let us sow talent. That would be the best way of ‘giving back to our alma mater. ’said Mr. Rajan Johri on the occasion of the first program for 80 teachers of St.Francis’ College entitled ‘Teachers as Leaders’. The theme of this program was to share strategies and concepts of integrating ‘leadership intelligence’ with regular curricula. It encourages Teachers to understand the disadvantages of stressing only on scholastic excellence while neglecting collaborative relationships and teamwork that are essential for leaders. The program was conducted by Rajan Johri, Bimal Chadha and Mr. Zoltan Hossu from Hungary. Structured and directed by Dr.Alka Jain, an accomplished educationist. The next program of the School of Leadership would be for students of Senior Classes, to help them discover their natural talent and gather insights into their orientation leading to an appropriate choice of vocation. Future faculty for such programs shall be drawn from a range of Talent Bank of Ex- Franciscans’ spread globally .